Online Medical Consultation

While hospitals are certainly important for a large number of medical procedures, the fact of the matter is that a high percentage of visits to the doctor’s office simply involve a conversation between doctor and patient. Often, a doctor will need to hear a firsthand description of a patient’s symptoms before prescribing medication or recommending a treatment plan. It is situations like these that make an online medical consultation stand out as the best option for care.

With an online medical consultation from Telemedicine Physician Group, patients can get the medical care that they need in a way that is easy and convenient for everyone involved. On the part of the doctor, part of this convenience is not being restricted by the costs associated with maintaining a fully staffed and stocked physical office, meaning that telemedicine doctors can deliver care at a much more affordable rate. Each online medical consultation costs a flat $150 dollar rate, so patients can simplify both the diagnostic, and billing process, while having to pay far less than the majority of insurance plan deductibles.

An Array of Services

One of the reasons why telemedicine is presently growing at such rapid rate is that the proliferation of online video calls has added an extra element to help the doctor make a determination from miles away. Previously, while phone calls between doctor and patient were possible, the lack of video made it difficult for the doctor to see the patient’s external symptoms during the online medical consultation. Even more, the ability to look each other in the eye creates a much stronger doctor-patient connection, and makes the patient feel much more comfortable about the care that they are receiving.

Especially in situations where a patient already has a diagnosis, and simply wants to speak to a doctor about new concerns, or for new patients who need a diagnosis for a non-urgent set of symptoms, Telemedicine Physician Group is the ideal choice. For more information about the services available through an online consultation from Telemedicine Physician Group, or to schedule a consultation today, call us at 800-611-2977. Doctors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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