"Such an amazing service, and an excellent, personable doctor! I was traveling to Southern CA last week and had a pretty sudden onset of symptoms late at night, was getting sicker by the minute, and knew I needed antibiotics. I was so depressed at the thought of finding some random urgent care in the middle of the night, and not sleeping before a busy few days of work meetings. I found Dr. Farzam online, left a message, he called back within 30 min, provided a 20 min phone consult, called in my antibiotics to a 24hr pharmacy 1 mile from my hotel... and I still got a few hours of sleep. Seriously saved the day - antibiotics kicked in fast, and I had a productive week! Impressed - thank you Dr. Farzam!"
Posted By: Steph B.
San Francisco, California
"I needed some medications to help out my vocal cords ASAP. The lines at Urgent Care were over 2 hours when I called there and quite frankly, all I needed was a very simple prescription. I was a little nervous of a "House Call" doctor....but what a time-saver he was. We chatted on the phone (I'm a RN myself) and he was able to call in the med I needed. This all took less than 1 hour. I sent the bill to my insurance company (he obviously is not part of any HMOs, but you can bill your PPO....I hadn't met my deductible yet for the year). These days time is money and he was SO worth every penny. I would gladly use him again for simple stuff and when I just don't have the time to wait for a MD appointment or wait in lines at Urgent Care (only to come down with a nasty virus or flu 7-10 days after going to Urgent Care). Yes, the prices aren't "cheap" as the fee is $150 for a telemedicine consultation, but they are not outrageous either."
Posted By: Lynn B.
Los Angeles, California
"This was a lifesaver for me! I have no insurance, I knew what was wrong with me and I knew I needed antibiotics. After a short call and for only 150$ I had the prescription I needed and was feeling better in hours. This is a great option for a lot of people especially for someone like me with no insurance. So glad this is available! I'm gonna let everyone I know about this!"
Posted By: Christina L.
Alameda, California
"I was looking for a nearby Urgent Care here on Yelp when I thankfully found Dr. Farzam's in-home/phone service. I was hesitant to call so late on a Friday night (10:30pm) but I was having an adverse reaction to my antibiotic and could not get in to see my primary doctor until Monday. As you may know, it's not good to stop taking an antibiotic mid-course. He was extremely friendly and professional, answered immediately, had no issue with the late hour, and listened to me explain my situation before explaining his suggested course of action. The phone consultation took 10 minutes, and he immediately called in a prescription for a new antibiotic of a different class to my pharmacy (he even knew which pharmacy nearest me to call.) I paid by card over the phone, received an invoice in my e-mail minutes later, and I couldn't be happier. I have insurance and will be submitting the receipt for reimbursement, but even if they don't, it was worth it. Five stars! I'll be seeking his medical advice again in the future when I need it."
Posted By: Rob V.
Park La Brea, California
"Not only did Dr. Farzam show up and save the day when I caught a nasty stomach bug in LA but when the same thing happened a couple months later when I was traveling he was kind enough to send a prescription to a NY pharmacy so I had my meds less than an hour after calling him. Truly a caring and extremely professional doctor. Worth every dollar."
Posted By: Ari S.
Los Angeles, California
"I developed a bad case of bronchitis and cough while traveling. Telemedicine Physician Group saved the day! Dr. Farzam was very knowledgeable, caring, and spend 15 minutes with me reviewing my symptoms. Not only did he answer all of my questions during the consultation, but actually took the time to call me 2 days later to follow up and see how I was doing. Amazing customer service! I will be using this service again and again."
Posted By: Ashley J.
Venice, California
"I was visiting from out of town, and forgot to bring my medications. During a 10 minute consultation, the doctor reviewed my medical history and symptoms, and called in my medications. The telemedicine visit spared me hours of sitting in a urgent care waiting room. Great service!"
Posted By: David G.
Tucson, Arizona
"I had a painful UTI, and it was after hours and my regular doctor was not available. I already knew my symptoms and knew I needed an antibiotic. The doctor was courteous, reviewed all of my symptoms, and called in antibiotics to my pharmacy. Prompt service. The $150 fee was reasonable and well worth it. This beats driving to and waiting in an urgent care clinic or emergency room!"
Posted By: Bonnie M.
Hollywood, California
"There was no waiting in a room of sick people for hours. I was suffering from a terrible sinus infection. Dr. Farzam was caring and professional, and called my prescriptions into the pharmacy immediately, and I was feeling better right away."
Posted By: Jenna L.
Los Angeles, California

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