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For some, the idea of an online doctor may feel like a strange notion. Though many services and transactions have moved to the Internet in the 21st century, medical care might not seem like one of them that can. The truth is, however, that telehealth is booming, and that it’s actually an excellent tool for providing effective, quality treatment. Here, at Telemedicine Physician Group, our dedicated team of highly experienced, board certified doctors provides patients with expert care to virtually any location at any time.

One of the main reasons why an online doctor can be so effective is because 70 percent of all visits made to a physician result in a simple exchange of information or receiving a prescription for treatment. The vast majority of these cases don’t actually require the doctor’s physical presence which could be managed just as effectively over the phone, or through a secure video call. With a telemedicine service like Telemedicine Physician Group, patients have their symptoms carefully evaluated and receive consultation from a highly trained doctor who is able to provide an accurate diagnosis. By cutting down on unnecessary doctor’s office visits, telemedicine is helping streamline and revolutionize the medical field.

Here at Telemedicine Physicians, our group of expert, board certified doctors offers instant medical care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As your online doctor, we give you a convenient option to receive treatment on your own terms; on your own schedule. Rather than having to spend your time commuting to a doctor’s office, or sitting in a waiting room, we can get you the care you need in the comfort of your own home. Because your session with your physician is private and completely secure, you’ll enjoy the highest level of confidentiality for personal issues or conditions.

Telemedicine Physician Group is also an excellent alternative for patients looking for affordable care. Our team believes access to quality health care shouldn’t break your bank. Because we don’t have to worry about facility costs, we’re able to keep our rates lower than most medical centers. We provide one easy fixed rate for our patients, even if they lack insurance. Because we can provide care to virtually any location, we’re also an ideal choice for patients in remote or rural locations.

If you’re interested in enjoying the incredible convenience of an online doctor contact our team at Telemedicine Physician Group today at (800) 611-2977. for outstanding care on a phone call away.

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