Doctor on Call

When sickness strikes, having access to a doctor on call now is always better than seeing one later. Getting yourself to a clinic, hospital, or medical center is a hassle, an inconvenience, and—unless it's an emergency—almost always completely unnecessary. According to the American Medical Association, 70 percent of all doctor visits are for information purposes only which means the trip is rarely needed. Further still, if you head to the clinic, you'll face long, uncomfortable wait times as you're forced to bide you time until the next doctor on call is available. Rather than losing hours of your day in transit and stuck in waiting rooms just for a 15 minute doctor's evaluation that will likely only result in a prescription for medication, there is another, far more convenient option you could choose in the form of Telemedicine.

Receiving care from a doctor online may initially seem like an odd concept, but it's a highly efficient and effective option that offers strong benefits to patients while helping them avoid hassles. At Telemedicine Physician Group our team offers you high quality care on your terms, 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. We provide much of the same services as an urgent care doctor from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is begin a session through our secure and private online video or phone tool to immediately receive the medical care you need, exactly when you need it. Because your sessions with our doctor on call are completely one on one and without an intermediary, you'll be able to easily and comfortably communicate any sensitive or private medical issues.

Reliance on Expertise

Telemedicine is an excellent innovation because, in addition to providing patients with a more convenient service, it allows doctors to have greater access to patients than ever before. Patients in remote or hard to access areas can now have quick easy access to medical services. After carefully evaluating patients, our doctors can are then able to provide a prescription for any necessary medication that can be taken to the patient's local pharmacy of choice.

Our highly trained and qualified team of doctors are board certified and provide the only the most excellent level of care. They are all registered with the American Medical Association and the National Physician's Database and fully accredited under the strict standards of the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Even though Telemedicine Physician Group is dedicated to the very best care, we also believe it should be affordable. To that effect, we offer each consultation at one affordable, flat rate which, even if you don't have insurance, we won't raise. Through our quick, convenient, and effective medical service, you'll be able to have access to the best doctor on call, anytime, whenever you need them the most. If you're ready to experience the ease of Telehealth, contact our team today.

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