When ailment and sickness strike, they’re rarely polite enough to wait until a time that’s most convenient for us. Illness and injury can occur at any moment, and it might not be when it’s convenient, or even possible, to head to a clinic. ERs and urgent care facilities are an option, but they can be extremely pricey, and often involve long, uncomfortable wait times. Ideally, you’d be able to have immediate access to a doctor who could offer a professional diagnosis, and prescribe you any necessary medication. Here at Telemedicine Physician Group, we help bring that ideal vision to fruition with a team of highly trained doctors who are available to provide you with the care you need, right when you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Though many are unfamiliar with it as an option for medical treatment, Telemedicine Services are a form of patient care that is only growing in popularity. Technological innovation, and the explosion of digital interconnectedness in our lives through the mass adoption of smartphones, social media platforms, and messaging services have resulting in an increase in our willingness and ability to embrace online services. More and more of us every day are utilizing the Internet as means to shop, explore, and connect with one another, socially and professionally, in record numbers. Telemedicine is simply yet another convenient and effective service that can improve the lives of everyone in our digital age.

At Telemedicine Physicians Group, our team of doctors is standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you the care at any time no matter where you may be. We quickly and carefully review you symptoms to give you an accurate diagnosis, and answer any questions you may have. We’ll also immediately prescribe any prescriptions that you may need that you can than pick up, at your convenience, at your local pharmacy. Our service is a secure, private, and HIPAA-compliant tool that will safely connects you to a specialist, either online or via phone. Our doctors can discreetly treat a variety of conditions from flu and influenza, to skin conditions and infections, muscle sprains and injuries, and STD testing and treatment.

Board Certified Expertise

Being able to enjoy the convenience and luxury of a Telemedicine doctor doesn’t mean having to compromise on experience or expertise. At Telemedicine Group, our highly trained doctors are board certified experts in their field, and provide world class care. We charge one, quick and easy flat rate – we don’t charge by the hour so you can be sure you’ll receive the same level of care and dedication each and every time you take advantage of our services.

Only $150 will net you a quality diagnosis, treatment, and any necessary prescription from an outstanding physician. Many major insurance companies will cover telehealth but, if yours does not, you may still use our service. For your benefit, we do not raise or decrease our rate based on whether or not you have insurance.

Telemedicine Physician Group will always be here for you at the time you need us the most. Though we are not an emergency service and aren’t here to replace your primary care physician, we provide you with the quality treatment at a time when other options may not be convenient. The next time you’re seeking medical care, are away from your doctor, or simply wish to experience the luxury of medical treatment on your own terms from a Telemedicine doctor, contact Telemedicine Physician Group today 800-611-2977.

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